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Tangerine and Basil Organic Body Scrub 410g

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Tangerine and Basil Scented Body Oil 100ml

Apiarium propose a special formula, composed of natural oils (Argan, Sweet Almonds, Wheat Germ, Soya, Sunflower) for a very smooth and elastic skin
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Cedar and Patchouli Organic Deodorant Spray 50ml

A physiological pH clinically, swithout alcohol and without aluminium. To deodorize with oriental citrus notes and for sharp and elegant scent.
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Vanilla and Almond Organic Shower Gel 300ml

A perfume bath containing the unmistakable aroma of Vanilla on a delicate Almond bed.
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Iris Flower Organic Body Scrub 410g

To revitalise the dead cells and make the skin a velvet mantle to be caressed
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Tangerine and Basil Organic Hand Cream 50ml

The best shea butter hand cream in the world ... For soft and beautiful hand, perfectly hydrated and perfumed.
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Rice and Orchid Organic Body Cream 200ml

A certified organic body cream, rich and nourishing, characterized by a moisturizing and refining effect. It makes your skin compact and visibly rejuvenated, leaving a charming and healthy body.
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Peach and Grapefruit Organic Body Scrub 410g

All the best of fruits to renew, revitalise and soothe the body skin
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Sweet Almond Oil 200 ml

The Almond Oil is a pleasant ally for preventing the stretch marks and moisturizing the dry skin.
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Propolis Deodorant Spray 100ml

Long life – deodorizes and gently refreshes - without a sticky after-feel.
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Cedar and Patchouli Organic Shower Gel 300ml

This shower Gel is rich in soothing ingredients to be used whenever the going gets tough
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