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Apiarium cellulite cream, a new and innovative treatment

Cellulite is a problem that affects almost 80% of women: a discomfort that never goes away! When the first heat arrives, the fateful mirror test, here it is on display on the thighs, knees, hips. The most common causes are fatty deposits in the subcutaneous tissues, poor venous and lymphatic circulation, and water retention. Countering the “orange peel skin” is not, however, a mission impossible. You can plan a healthy remise en forme. Just follow three simple rules.

We must be timely and act when it is simpler, counteracting it in the initial phase. In addition, it is necessary to be constant in starting and following the treatments for at least three months in the impact phase. And then, consider a maintenance period: cellulite is a “feminine gift”, it does not disappear, but if kept under control, it can be tamed.

Apiarium has formulated a new cellulite cream with an innovative thermo-active formula. An ideal cream for those who want a highly effective solution to firm the legs and counteract the skin imperfections of cellulite. It guarantees a stimulating effect on the microcirculation level: it helps to mobilize both the fats and the water retained by the adipose tissue and promotes their elimination by activating the circulation. With a gentle massage, the skin immediately appears smoother and more compact, preventing the dreaded “orange peel” appearance. All this thanks to the extraordinary remodeling and smoothing synergy of Red Algae, Caffeine, Aescin, Sweet Almond Oil, Centella Asiatica and Pineapple.


Obviously, together with the treatments, you need to combine proper nutrition, drink lots of water, eat fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit that will help you stay hydrated and counteract water retention. A fundamental step is also sport, light aerobic and endurance activities that stimulate weight loss, revitalize the peripheral microcirculation, help to dispose of toxins. Like a bicycle, brisk walking for 45 minutes 3 times a week will make you feel better and help you fight the hated cellulite!


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