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A fragrant spring day on your skin

The Apiarium family is expanding with a new product that we know will make you fall in love: Amber and Jasmine body oil. A new product that joins an already beloved line. We offer you a special formula, composed of a harmonious nourishing and soothing complex of natural oils: organic argan, sweet almonds, rice oil, wheat germ, soy, sunflower, to soften the skin, improve skin elasticity and thus help to prevent stretch marks. A compound that stimulates the psyche and embellishes the skin, perfuming it with floral amber notes, which bring with them the simplicity and freshness of a delicious and fragrant spring day.


A cuddle for your skin that will immediately be more nourished, velvety and sweetly scented. Body oil is an excellent ally for skin care. Among the notable benefits we find:

  • more hydrated skin: one of the characteristics of the body oil is that of creating a sort of barrier on the skin capable of retaining natural moisture, prolonging hydration; furthermore, helps to prevent stretch marks.
  • perfect for dry and sensitive skin: In addition to nourishing and moisturizing the skin, it’s totally natural formulation is also suitable for delicate and sensitive skin.


The Amber and Jasmine Apiarium body oil is a nourishing, versatile product and can be used every day. The ideal cosmetic for the beauty routine of those with dry skin: in addition to nourishing the skin, it makes it brighter and, applied in summer, it also helps to enhance the tan. Another reason for choosing it is its floral, fresh and persistent scent.


Camilla – Beautyteam Apiarium