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10-step Face Routine

Apiarium Bio Natural Cosmetics / 10-step Face Routine

The 10-step Apiarium beauty routine is a daily ritual that reflects the approach to self-care deeply rooted in oriental culture that merges with skin’s needs of the western consumer always looking for ultra-performing products totally natural.

A radiant face is the result of careful attention that starts with a very thorough cleansing to switch to different hydration levels with the layering technique starting from lighter textures to more nutritious ones.

By clicking on the various steps you will see the corresponding products of the routine:

Step 3 – Exfoliating scrub (1-2 times a week)

Step 5 – Facial toner

Step 6 – Essence

Step 7 – Face Serum

Step 8 – Eye contour cream

Step 10 – Tanning fluid / Sunscreen (morning), and / or Night mask (evening)

Apiarium has formulated highly performing products designed specifically for different types of skin and to accompany you through 10 steps in the face care protection

Every month Apiarium will amaze you with a new product to add to your routine; so, expect lots of news and get ready to get, step by step, a face enhanced, shining and able to best represent the essence of your soul!